9 Patch

Today I have stopped to work on my current project to open the scrappy-box. I have saw some little 9 patch blocks to send to Bumble Beans. http://bumblebeans.blogspot.com/

She and sweet B. have had the idea to make a scrappy quilt for charity.
I think this has been a great idea and I joined in with fit.

This kind of enterprises aren't common in Italy.
Also the patchwork isn't a popular hobby in Italy...
...I can't understand why!...I love it!

Today has been a sunny day here...the shine lights the color of Blue log cabin quilt...

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  1. I love your little 9 patches! the fabrics are lovely, and what a fun machine, I love the little kittens!
    PS - the sun looks so warm and inviting, I haven't seen the sun in a long, long time!

  2. The patchwork blocks are adorable -- and the log cabin quilt, wow! Happy quilting. :)

  3. Perhaps you can help Italy become a quilting country! :o) So glad Italy has at least one talented quilter.

  4. I love your little 9-Patches! I will be making some for Bumble Beans as well. Yours are so cute.
    Your log cabin quilt is so pretty! And the sun looks good too. We haven't had enough here.

  5. oooh! I love them! they are going to look awesome!! thank you Nichi!!
    Love the that log cabin, house combo quilt! fantastic!

  6. I love your nine patches. What a great way to use them in a charity quilt. I also can't understand why quilting isn't popular. Love the log cabin.

  7. Love the nine-patches. I' going to try some of them today. Thanks for inspiration.


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