Where I sew

Hello! Welcome in the place where I sew!
Please, enter !
The front side view...
...from the left side...
...and from the right side.

The sewing machine table...
...and the fabrics corner...
...and , of course , (one of)  the library.
There is also a special place for Trudy...
...but she prefer to stay on my work table! ;-))

And here you can see other wonderful creative space and to share the yours too !

9 commenti:

  1. What a lovely space for creativity! Trudy is beautiful.

  2. Thanks for this view inside! It is a lovely place.
    Showing where you sew is a nice idea to bring the world wide connected quilters a bit nearer together, like a little visit (I would have to clean up before, he-he...).
    And please tell Trudy, she looks beautiful from every point of view :-)
    Nice to "meet you" in your room,
    x Hilde

  3. What a lovely space!!! Can I come over and oogle your fabric and book corners? Thank you for sharing some inspiring pictures!

  4. Che paradiso!!
    Wath for a great sewing room!!!A dream!
    And so clean!;)
    Thanks for the posibility, to look in your home!
    Hugs, Rita

  5. Guauuu!!!!Magnífico lugar de trabajo!!! Y hermoso gato. Gracias por mostrarnos tu lugar de trabajo e inspiración.

  6. What a great place to work! Very impressive, tidy and truly comfortable!

  7. Oooh! What a lovely place to work! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Troppo brava.....troppe cose belle.........

  9. Hi! Thank you for sharing your creative space! It looks really beautiful with your lovely works around and everything so well in order!


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