Inside bag organizer

Do you need more organization into your bag too?
I find everything easily now...

...and there is a place for everything...

...and I don't forget anything at home...

...just putting it into my bag!

8 commenti:

  1. Jaha, that is just perfect!!!

  2. I love those organizers. Did you make that one or did you buy it someplace?

  3. Hi Nichi,
    Your organizer looks great!
    Please tell us more! Did you make up your own pattern or follow someone else's? Would like to make one of these sometime.
    Vicky F

  4. That looks like a great idea. If you made it a size that could fit into many different bags, then you wouldn't have to re-organize every time you change bags.

  5. Bellissimo, come sempre mi lasci a bocca aperta, non per nulla sei la MMaestra!!! Ciao Eli

  6. muy muy bonito, genial!!!!
    it is beatiful.

  7. Ahhh.. I love it!!! PLease tell me more...
    Your pattern... somebody else´s.. please share.. :o)


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