How many thimbles?

How many thimbles do you use for hand quilt?...usually I used just one...

...then I took hand quilting class last Sunday, and suddenly the numbers of the thimbles increased.

Left hand...two

Right hand...two

Can I do a bad work with all this thimbles?

...this is just a joke....the technique isn't easy... but if you really want to see a wonderful hand quilting example , please , have a look to the Sara (the teacher) blog....is a joy for the eyes!

About MY hand quilting...I will show it after doing more practice...

2 commenti:

  1. Cara Nichi!
    Espero voi diti sono non troppo addolorati!!
    Grazie per il tipp del Blog!
    E posibile, che noi guidiamo in vacanze in due settimane in Toscana! Cherciamo ancora un appartamento all mare, ma troviamo sicuramente qualcosa! Espero, che posso andare a Firence!!Mi piace tanto il negozio di Anomago!!
    Allora, tanti Saluti! Rita

  2. Tus trabajos son chulísimos ¡me encantan!
    te felicito


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