No more as...

I think the biggest project I'm able to end in this busy time is a pincushion.
So, just because I need to create something, I made a new one.

New shape...

...nice button...

...and cute fabrics also for the back.

By the way I realized I'm perfectly in touch with my friends Hilde & Hilde that have organized a nice Pincushion Swap.
Are you signed in yet? ;-))

3 commenti:

  1. I like everything about it -- the fabric, the button, the shape!

  2. Again, sooo cute! So simple but clever! Nice little treasure.
    I guess you are also in trouble deciding which little cutie you should swap! :-)
    x Hilde

  3. such a pretty shape! and I also love the richness of colours and patterns in your pincushion!


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