Monday report

Today I started a new project about which I cant say more because it will be a secret gift for a friend.
Trudi, my helper, stayed closer to me as it was possible ... her position wasn't so useful, to say the true.

At last , luckily , she decided to go to the official bed she have in my sewing room.

And this was more useful. ;-)

7 commenti:

  1. Oh your helper looks like trouble to me.....when you find a little piece missing you better go looking under the sofa :)


  2. Now if you could just get your helper to do some stitching, you would be making all kinds of quilts.

  3. Your cat is as lucky as your friends can be!
    And yes, great help, helps you to redesign your projects about a hundred times because of the mix-up of pieces, I know :-)

  4. Oh Nichi, My dog is a whole lot bigger but she understands the word "off"!

  5. Just found your blog via the Pincushion swap. What beautiful things you make. Just wonderful. Greetings from Singapore. Vreni

  6. Trudi looks alike my Nina...see on my blog!

  7. Any project that includes appliqué is bound to be wonderful...keep us posted when you can reveal more :o)


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