I made nine love blocks...now I have to take some "hard" decisions:

....to make more blocks to have a big LOVE quilt or to stop to have a wall quilt?
...and in the second case to choose a layout with or without sashing?
For now they are waiting for me on the design wall.

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  1. I 'love' it like that. Guess I gotta figure letters out now. It looks so fun.

  2. This is so great looking. I could see it finished off with a border of hearts.

  3. Yep - as it is you actually have to take time to 'find the love" so to speak, which is a good thing. A wonky heart border could be kindof funky.....really depends how big you want to go...... oh, decisions, decisions!!!! ciao

  4. I love, love, love this! I think whatever you do will be perfect. I would just leave it on the wall until it speaks to you.

  5. love love love!! Looks good!!! you'll know what to do with them! follow your creative heart!

  6. I vote for a wallhanging to brighten any room! This quilt makes me sing "LOVE<LOVE<LOVE" and who wouldn't? It is so much fun as is your kitties everywhere on this blog....when I need a lift, this is one of the places I visit! Keep up the great work!


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