Harvest and Christmas

Coming back from France I rode through the wonderful German country where in a very small farmer's market I bought these amazing hot colors pumpkins.
Trudi helped me into find a perfect layout for the pics...
About patchwork I finished to add the binding at the Christmas stripe quilt started the last year (!!!).

4 commenti:

  1. Here you are at harvest time and you are all set for Christmas! Good job! I have a Christmas project that in not even begun.
    I like that cat block at the bottom. One way or another the cats will end up on that quilt.

  2. Love the colors on those gourds...the orangy-red is amazing! Very cute quilt!

  3. Beautiful pumpkins. I have never see the tall red-orange one around here.

    Your quilt is beautiful! And EARLY for this Christmas!

  4. The pumpkins are gorgeous. I wish I could find some like there here in Illinois.


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