Baskets day 3

The inner part of my improv baskets quilt is done!

Now I'm thinking for the border (...or borders). Maybe a colorful pieced border like this or a solid border with free pieced letters like this ( that I like so much).

Other good ideas are welcome!

P.S. Today I have celebrated the 100 follower of my blog....thanks to all!

I'm very happy!

6 commenti:

  1. The baskets look great! My preference is toward the plainer border with the words. Maybe plain but not a single fabrics. Perhaps shades of the same color fabric, like shades of the green you used?

  2. I love your baskets! I think either border would work well, although I would go for the simpler one, just to keep the focus on your baskets. The quilt may not even need a border. You could piece the binding with scraps of your solids and call it done.

  3. Great colors and design!

  4. Lovely baskets, Nichi! Another idea for your border: simple strings (chinese coins)
    ; )

  5. Gorgeous baskets! Love the blues for the background!

  6. Gorgeous baskets and a beautiful blog. Very inspirational.


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