Colorful baskets

The result of one whole afternoon of work are two baskets...only two...but I love them!

I have taken inspiration from a book of Goke Keiko and from one of her wonderful quilt.

I chose solid colors fabrics and before to start I was a bit worried for the not easy and not much detailed explanation...but Trudy wasn't.

So I held one breath and cut the fabrics....

...now I'm proud of my improv baskets!

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  1. "I held one breath and cut the fabrics" WONDERFUL! I have done that too. You should be very proud of your baskets! Good colors and very "Out of the box"

  2. Great basket blocks. I've been wanted to get my hands on that book, but have no idea how to get one here in the US.

  3. beautiful baskets!! It's always hard to make the first cut into great fabric, I think.

  4. Fabulous baskets. Glad you were able to take that first cut!!

  5. oooh those are soooo beautiful. the solids are working out so well! can't wait to see more!!

  6. I love blocks in traditional patterns that use non-traditional colors and methods. Your baskets are very striking. Trudy looks like she is good company although she doesn't look very excited about the blocks. Probably wants you to do more than 2 in an afternoon.

  7. And you should be proud!! Adorable!!


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