Granny blanket growing

My granny blanket is growing slowly. I think I made about 1/3 of my project.

But this has been an important day....has been the testing day by Trudy.

I feel the test result has been good!

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  1. It's so pretty, the colours are superb. Trudy looks like she's given her full approval.


  2. Very pretty!!! Now how do you sew the squares together? And I l0ve the raised crochet flower~can you do a tutorial on both??
    Sorry~I'm asking alot from you!

  3. Its lovely Nichi and the colors are so beautiful...love the little flower on some of them...and so does Trudy...she is so pretty too...some colors are matching her eyes...
    greetings Francien.

  4. I love the colors in this project. Clearly, Trudy approves.

  5. Hi Nichi
    I have to tell you that your granny squares are looking great! That type of blanket/throw is on my list of things to do in the near future.
    And it's a good thing it's "Trudy Approved".
    Vicky F

  6. this is just gorgeous & as always i love how your projects are drenched in color

  7. "Cat tested - Cat approved"

  8. I love the colors and your tester!

  9. Nichi, It is just beautiful! Well done! Happy crocheting!


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