Matrioshka doll tutorial

A sweet and soft Matrioshka doll you can use as lavender bag, as a little gift or as key holder.

You need colorful fabrics, small pieces of wool felt for face and of batting for wings, polyester filler and one button.

Download the template here .

Trace the template on the back of fabric.

Saw and turn the body, the wings and the scarf.

With the felt make the face and design the eyes and the smile with the embroidery floss.

Attach the wings on the back using a button.

Tie the scarf with the knot in front and your doll is done.

5 commenti:

  1. Hi Nichi, Just found your blog. Great read, cute doll. I love cats also.

  2. Hi my dear Nichi, it's always a pleasure to take a break and stop at your blog. How are you? I like sooo much your matrioska-angel (look at the wings), hope to see you soon

  3. I love this! When I go to Acrobat to retrieve the file it says it's no longer there or I don't have access. Can you send it as a PDF? I love this dolly. Thanx!

  4. What a sweet doll. My sister loves these so I may have to make one. Thanks.

  5. Che belli i tuoi lavori!Ciao, MTeresa


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