Books mon amour! (part one)

Today I want to share with you some new books I received in the last days.
The first is really interesting full of instructions and tips....

....and really easy to understand!

The second is an amazing book where each one can find the favourite flower and the instructions to do it!

Wonderful, isn't it?
I bought both at bookdepository fast service and free delivery!

3 commenti:

  1. lovely books! wow! those pictures are amazing...so are your photos of them!

  2. I purchased a crochet motif book last year with intentions of crocheting an afghan. I have not done one thing towards it except purchase the book. Enjoy your new books!

  3. I was just scanning some blogs and found this one on 2 books I also just bought. They are beautiful. I am not a crochet expert and I really wanted some help getting started. I hope I actually start using them soon!


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