Special gift

Today I want to share with you a very very special gift I have received from my friends for birthday.
The title of the book is "All my thanks and love to Quilts" by Goke Keiko.

All the quilts inside are simply amazing...I'm sorry if the pics aren't able to show how wonderful they are but you can do yourself an idea...

Of course, this isn't the only gift I received...
In a next post I will tell you about them.

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  1. what a wonderful book! I just bought the lib.quilt II today. I'll read that one before I buy another. ;)

  2. That book looks absolutely wonderful and inspiring. What a thoughtful gift.

  3. I have a friend who just saw some of Goke Keiko's work at the quilt expo in Japan... she said they were fabulous. Looks like another great book!

  4. I am soooo excited to see this book in this post. And I think the above visitor (Victoria) is talking about me as poor Vic had to put up with me, going on & on about Keiko Goke! I have the same book & she was there to autograph it for my 9 yr old daughter & I. We are simply thrilled to bits as we are big fans of Goke san. So we went home & have now made our first quilt, as inspired by Keiko Goke. She has more than 1 book so I hope you will get the other 2 eventually. They are as wonderful. Happy Chinese New Year from Tokyo!

  5. Ooops! Happy, Happy Birthday too !!!

  6. Hello Nichi, thank you for your book's pictures, you're inspiring! I'm thinking about your words on liberated quilts and how this method can be used on traditional quilts, it's a work-in-progress meditation...
    Hope to hear from you soon, a cup of tea is waiting for us!

  7. Happy birthday! That is such a lovely book, I need to make something out of it, I saw an exhibiton of a lot of quilts in the book and they are even more wonderful in person.

  8. Hi Nichi, I still just love your blog. Your choices of pictures inspire me because I just love scrap quilts and applique! Thanks!

  9. Happy birthday (belatedly, sorry)! What an amazing book, such fun and free quilts!


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