New fabrics and Lavinia's update

Do you think I could resist to buy this cute fabrics? Nooo!

About my sweety baby I have some encouraging news. The first radiographic check says that the mandible fracture is okey and the tooth one is starting to knit.
This means that there is a hope she don't have to be operated.

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  1. That's wonderful news Nichi, I'm so happy for you and Lavinia. My fingers are crossed.
    This is a great fabric, it brought a smile to my face.

    hugs Carolyn*

  2. I'm glad to hear that wonderful news. The fabric is terrific. What will you make with it?

  3. my fingers are crossed too! could you share the name of the fabric??? please? it's really unresistable!

  4. These fabrics are cute and perfect for cheerful thoughts on Lavinia. I do hope Lavinia will get well soon. She is so pretty and has such a happy smile, that I'd love to see her smiling again soon!


  5. What cute fabric! And perfect for thinking of Livinia. That is good news for her and you, and I hope she can avoid the surgery. *fingers crossed*

  6. That fabric is just perfect! Very whimsical horses and colorful. Love it!! Glad to hear that Lavinia is doing well.

  7. What wonderful news! Fingers crossed for her.

    Love the brighter fabric- what plans do you have for it?


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