Vacation and other things

I have some days of vacation that I spent at home.

I went in Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia two days ago. I live in the eastern part of Italy so not so far to the border between Italy and Slovenia.

The older side of the city is nice and lively with a lot of coffee bar along the river and a colorful farmer market.

About quilting I'm working on the Christmas in July swap secret projects so I can show only this pic... ;-)

...and I have started to machine quilt my Folklore quilt...not easy thing...hope all will go okey !

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  1. Your folklore quilt is sooo nice!

  2. I just love the pictures of the farmers market! Beautiful pictures of Slovenia. Curious to see the Christmas Swap!

  3. I love seeing parts of the world I'll perhaps never seen in real life. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos.

  4. The folklore quilt is looking very good so far! What lovely pictures of your homeland, too.

  5. Folklore is looking so beautiful. It is nearly at the top of my list now and I am getting excited about starting it.

    What a lovely trip you had into Slovenia.

  6. Your Folklore quilting looks great! I love how the quilting brings a quilt to life.

    Thanks for showing pictures of your trip to Slovenia. What a beautiful country.

  7. OH....I love your quilt!!!

  8. I am in the Christmas in July swap too and your picture is intriguing. You have a lovely folkart quilt.

  9. So beautiful! I love this quilt with tree and birds! Sorry, my English is not very good! I'm brazilian. Your blog is so beautiful too!

    Bia Cardeal
    from Brazil


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