Again winter colors

Again winter colors for the first project of this year.
I like the tumbler pattern but I never used it before...

I think it's perfect to use with fabrics that I didn't want to cut  in too much little pieces
 (I love the big red-gray dots fabric!) .   

Here is how the project start to grow on my design wall...
The first (and more spontaneous) layout is with random colors .... 

...any suggestion for a different one?

7 commenti:

  1. Per me i colori sono perfetti cosi'...mi piace molto il tuo nuovo lavoro!Ciao Sara

  2. I agree, this pattern is perfect for these fabrics! It looks terrific!

  3. The random is great - it's looking really good!

  4. I love that big dot print too. I like the random/spontaneous thing you have going so far, keep it up!

  5. It looks great! I also have this die. The pieces sew together so nicely.

  6. I like it just the way you are going now and those colors are great any time of year.


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