Christmas stars with AccuQuilt (part 1)

For this project with my new Go! Baby AccuQuilt I have chose some Christmas fabrics scraps and I have made a striped piece...than I have cut it into 60° stripes...     

....with the fabric cutter I have got  PERFECT 60°  scrappy diamonds  easily  and super speedy ...

...with a really little waste.
I have made the same with the background fabric...8 diamonds in just one deed ! Great!
And this is my first Christmas star....cute, isn't it? 

Project progress in a next post....

4 commenti:

  1. Very nice! I don't have that die, but I love my Accuquilt Baby too!

  2. This is very nice work! I love AccuQuilt cutters!

  3. What a beautiful star! It's perfect!


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