Dreaming Spring

It's still winter but we have some days as Spring weather.
Also in patchwork I want something new and this book is just perfect with my feeling.

Spring colors and wonderful project for the happiness of the eyes!

The book language is nor Italian nor English nor German but Danish. Definitely I don't speak Danish but I have to say that all the North European languages have words with the same root and the same meaning and this helps....for all the remainder experience helps!

3 commenti:

  1. It's fun to see this Danish style. The flowers remind me of your blog background.

  2. Tell me please, nichi, what is your secret place where you can find these gorgeous books? This seems really nice... Don't worry about Danish, maybe you can type the most difficult sentences on a web translator... and that's it...
    Happy sewing

  3. Io amo quello che faccio, io sono di Argentina questo libro che i campioni hanno fiori diversi di fare? mi guardi come dovrò online perchè qui nel mio paese non c'è patchwork. Vero saluti


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