I never posted about cooking before in my blog for two simple reasons:
1- I'm the worse cook you can imagine...(no one is perfect!)
2- my hubby is the better cook you can imagine...(and I love eat what he cooks)

There isn't any cousine of famous restaurant I can compare with his cookery.
He doesn't it for job...he does it for pleasure...

Can you guess how hard is for me to stay in the 42(Italian) size?

Today we will eat fish for dinner! YUMMY!!

3 commenti:

  1. I love a hubby who cooks. I don't have one but he is very handy in other ways.

  2. ohhhhh lucky you!!!! that looks so delicius!

  3. The food looks delicious and the hubby is quite a handsome guy. Lucky you! I imagine it is very hard to keep your figure with such a good cook in the house. Does he cook often?


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