A new book for a new way

This nice book learns a new and easy way in appliquè.
It's very fun to use the machine stitch as a pencil.

The result is less fine and careful that with the traditional technique,of course, but, maybe, more lively and certainly more quick.

I have made a block with the "portrait" of Trudy to complete the Christmas quilt.

She is very proud of it!

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  1. these book is so great! it had a bunch of cute proyects!

  2. Hi Nichi,
    Your quilt is looking so cute! Love the portrait of your kitty.
    That sounds like a good book to have fun with!
    Vicky F

  3. It's a wonderful quilt -- the quilting is just perfect for the fun, whimsical design. Your cat is terrific!!

  4. Thanks for the insights on the delightful book. And I love your quilt and block of Trudy. So cute!


  5. Your applique is so sweet and personal, love them! This will be a great quilt. Thank you for sharing the book and the technique. You have inspired me!

  6. beautiful stuff thanks for the info!

  7. Lovely work Nichi. It's fun to try new things then you can always have a repertoire of techniques to draw from.

  8. I like that look, very forgiving and it looks like a lot of fun too..


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