Nothing new ... something new

Nothing really new...just the same fabric bag ( tut here ) with a little variation...I have used a laminated fabric. So the bag could be used as a cosmetic case or to keep the hairbrush and the suntan cream into the beach bag.   BUT , if you have  had a look to my blog , you have  noticed something new... a new no color header... I wanted something different but without to become  too much different...what do you think? I will be happy to hear your feedback!    

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  1. Ciao devo dire che questa intestazione nuova mi piace , e Trudi è bellissima anche in bianco e nero. Grazie per la bella dimostrazione di oggi a presto.
    Michi e Artù

  2. Oh....It's a bit strange header.....Nichi's personality is a colors' explosion!
    Our Nichi is colorfull...everywhere!
    But also black and white are true colors and they have a good place in the quilter's life: something nonconformist is always welcome.

  3. I noticed your new header right away and I love it! It's unusual and therefor it will catch people's eye!
    Love your new string bag too. Was is difficult to sew the laminated fabric? Do you need a special foot for your sewing machine! The fabric is really cute. xx


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