Butterfly me too

Running over the blogs I have seen this block everywhere in this days...

...I have met it here and here and here and here ...
...and every time it have kept my attention and my thoughts...  
...so I decided to try it me too.
I read carefully this post about it and I followed the way recommended to Rita .
I made the design and from this obtained the templates to make the block with rotary cutting and machine piecing method.

Here are my early four butterfly blocks...
I'm enthusiastic...I love them...I'm totally addicted!

I hope in speedy progress soon...

5 commenti:

  1. They're wonderful! Have fun.

  2. They look fabulous! Thanks for the link:)

  3. Me too, I found the same blog. And I had to try the butterflies. Amazing! I have to make more soon. Your butterflies are so sweet!


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