Colors therapy day two

To go on with the colors therapy ( again cloudy weather today!) I made a little Christmas rabbit accessorized with a cute hand bag where to hide a secret...

But she waiting for something again...a little knitted scarf...

( ...and maybe two little smiling eyes?)

7 commenti:

  1. I like your color therapy! I think this therapy works very well!

  2. adorable. the bag is a super cute addition!!

  3. Definately smiling eyes. I have a blue bunny that would like to meet her. My Bluberry Jambo Bunny goes camping and to Jamborees with me and has his own quilted blankie too.

  4. Very sweet! It looks like you have a lot of fun. Hope you get to see the sun, soon!
    ; )

  5. just beautiful and a knitted scarf will be the perfect finishing touch!

  6. What an adorable bunny! Love the little bag too. Yes, he/she needs some eyes!

    Great color therapy!!


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