Colors therapy day three

For the third day of the colors therapy I show you my new colorful fabrics.
Happy Cups and Coffee Pots bought from Fabric Rehab .

The weather is quite nice today...as you can see in the pic...

...and from the smile of miss Red Bunny!

7 commenti:

  1. Love the colour mixes on those cool fabrics - wonder what you will create with them:) And yep Miss Bunny certainly looks much chirpier today. Happy stitching. Ciao

  2. Loe the retro look of those fabrics!

  3. Ah, the bunny can now look at the beautiful blue sky. Cute cups. now for a little drink of something and back to work.

  4. I love the coffee cups...too cute!

  5. thanks for the therapy and love those great fabrics!

  6. Cute fabrics! I think I might need financial rehab if I spend too much time over at Fabric Rehab! Lots of cool stuff. Thanks so much for sharing the link.

  7. Oh, Nichi - this is so tempting!!!
    ; )


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