My Christmas tree

I'm so happy...the Christmas tree time is come back!
I have started to collect Christmas ornaments since I was so young. The oldest I have is from 1972 (I was only 7!).
A lot of them are made by me....
...and a part of them I bought during my travels in the Northern countries where the Christmas traditions are so important...
...all are sweet memories!
Trudy loves the Christmas tree too!

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  1. Your tree is beautiful. I'm running a bit behind, but hope to have ours up & decorated by Saturday!


  2. I absolutely love Santa in his robe! I have an ornament each year since birth. Some are very fragile now.

  3. I absolutely love these ornaments! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  4. I adore your tree, the decorations are so very very lovely and the whole thing is very warm and cosy looking, Love Trudy too. May All the Cats All Over The World Be As Loved Much.

  5. I'm behind on my tree, too, but I love collections of special ornaments like you have!

  6. What a lovely tree and sweet ornaments. We have a tradition of buying a new one each year on December the 1st. My theory is that when the children have homes of their own, they will be able to decorate a tree of their own with their special ornaments. It will be something they can share of themselves with their partner to make it an very special time.

  7. Lovely ornaments, each one is cute (as is the decoration under the tree).


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