Busy December

A lot of gifts...

...new magazines...

...new fabrics...

...and some days of vacation in Paris!

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  1. Hi Nichi, ciao, do you prefer English or Italian? I'm an italian quilter from Padova... complimenti per le tue scelte in fatto di magazines & fabrics
    Have a merry Christmas

  2. WOW...nice gifts (especially the time in Paris)!!! Thanks for the photos. You look very happy there!

  3. You look so joyous!!!! A few days in Paris and I'd feel like that too! Enjoy!

  4. love your fabrics! you look so happy!!!! have a great time there!!

  5. Do you know if that fabric is available online? I love the cats!

  6. Ciao Nichi, I too love the cat fabric and i also love the horse fabric from your 12-9-09 post. Who makes them and do you know if they are available on line??? BEST WISHES for the continued recovery for Lavinia. She's beautiful! janie


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