The lightning of life

My sweety baby is going well...I'm happy to can say that.

She has needed one whole month to come out througt the tunnel of ache and depression where she was slipped after the accident.

But during the last three days I could see the lightning of life to sparkle again in her sweet eyes.
She has put on some weight and her fur is more shiny.

The photo shows how we were and how , I hope , we will be again.
I miss it.

9 commenti:

  1. Lavinia looks very happy! yippeee! glad she's getting her spunk back!

  2. My best thoughts are with you now too. I hope she gets her sparkle back too

  3. I am smiling reading this; very good news!

  4. What good news! I hope she continues to improve and become healthy and happy again.

  5. So glad to hear that she is doing better!

  6. Oh good what a relief for you. I hope she makes fast progress now. I am so happy for you both.

  7. I'm so happy for you Nichi, Lavinia looks wonderful!! I've got tears welling up in my eyes as I'm sending this...
    hugs, Carolyn*

  8. You are doing better, its all because of your hardwork and determination. Keep it up.


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