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Again some photos of the BOM Houses quilt in progress.  Better colors but not still the real (no good light in this days here).  These are the blocks I made with the scraps of the blocks. I want  to add  them to the border. They are 4" square and are really cute. The idea , as I said , is to mix  randomly pieces of  roofs fabrics and these blocks. Hope the photos can give you  the sensation  of the layout.   

By the way , also  the butterfly blocks are growing on my design wall. I have an idea for the border of this quilt too. But is too early for this...next time! 

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  1. Both will be so beautiful quilts!!!
    I hope you have some nice summer time to continue with happy sewing!
    xo Hilde

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your little house quilt, I know I tell you that everytime I see it, but I REALLY DO!

    Did you use scraps in your butterfly quilt or is that a certain collection? Love it too...I want to make one from scraps but I have to sort the scraps first....

  3. Love your house quilt and your butterfly quilt! The colors are stunning all together. Beautiful work!

  4. your house quilt will be stunning ! Can't wait to see the completed top ! love the butterfly quilt,too

  5. OOOhh, so beautifuls pictures!! And the Quilts are sooo great!
    Nice colors!!
    Have a nice Day, Rita


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