pics from e.p.m. (france)

I was at the European Patchwork Meeting in France and I had a great time with friends.  
I have kept with me the remembering of interesting and  colorful quilts...
...and some new fabrics...
...and a pile of new inspiring books !

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  1. Oho, the one with round pieces 7. from up and the one with hexagons (8.)look almost unreal! Wow!

  2. Fantastic quilts! I'm sure you came back with a long list of quilts to make ;) as well as the fabric and books you bought!

  3. Beautiful quilts. Lucky for you to have seen them in person.

  4. I'm really really .....jealous!!!!Beautiful things and special time with friends:
    the best!

  5. Sooo great Quilts! And the patterns are soo beautiful!
    The Fabrics are so cute and the books....wish you a lot of time to read it;)
    Hugs, Rita

  6. The quilts are stunning! Thanks for sharing the photos.


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