Crazy checked cat

Do you like the checked cat?

I find inspiration for it on the wonderful MaryLou Weidman new book just received.

And a great surprise from MaryLou...on the first page sweet words just for me! 

Thank you MaryLou! 
Can you guess how proud I'm? :-))

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  1. I do love your checked cat, and your red and black quilt!

  2. My goodness, this is the nicest thing anyone has ever said concerning me.
    Thank you for being so lovely to me! I love your cat...very fun and such a lovely smile on his face and they are easy aren't they?
    You are very creative and very nice. :0)

  3. Hi Nichi,
    Love your checked cat! I have plans to do some of the cats from that book, too! Plus many more. Have fun with your book!
    Vicky F

  4. A Cheshire cat if ever I saw one - with such a cheesy grin!

  5. Love the checked cat. That was my favorite quilt in Mary Lou's book.

  6. I love catching up with what you've been making. I haven't looked at my own blog, let alone others, for months. I've just written a post and was scrolling down the blog roll when i saw your little cat. I thought, "That must be Quilty Cat" and it was. I had to come and have a look...as usual, everything is lovely! Ann.

  7. the checked cat is adorable, as is the tea cozy, and a personalized book from mary lou too!


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