The sweet of life

In the Valentine's day I tell you something about friendship.

With the mail I received today a super cute packet (did you notice the nice ribbons?)...

...inside a sweet note and a beautiful and precious pincushion made just for me by my friend (can I say that of us?) Hilde.
We never have met us in person, but I feel her as a "old" friend and our understanding run over the mails.

See her work closer...it's wonderful, isn't it?
Thank you again!
Pssst...she is the author of this books!

By the way I show you the second pixie I made...

...and what I'm thinking for the inner round...

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  1. Hi Nichi,
    what a wonderful Valantine's gift. Seems like you're really happy about this extraordinary pincushion.The pixies, that you've started to liesel look so cute,together in a round they will make a great block!!! Have a nice Valentine's day ;-)

  2. That's a very special Valentine's gift!

  3. How nice it arrived on valentine's day!
    Absolutly: friends! And one day we'll meet, I'm sure :-)
    Hugs! Hilde

  4. There is nothing better than a little kind thought from a friend! Friendship is a sweet side of our life!

  5. Oh now the pixies are holding hands. I guess that's what friends are for.

  6. Surprises in the mail are such a treat! You can think of Hilde every time you use the pincushion. And your pixies are adorable. :)

  7. What a lovely pin cushion, and sewn in such a precise way


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