Top done

Just a sneak peek of the LOVE top done!

Today is too late to take a good pic and you have to wait till tomorrow to see the whole top.

I'm happy for the work of this afternoon.

What fun!

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  1. What a great sneak peek to start my day - looks so good having those sashings and little bit of colour at the connecting point. I LOVE it already, and can understand your happiness:) Ciao

  2. Wow! That really knocks your eye out. I'm waiting to see how you will quilt it.

  3. Georgeous quilt. Love that pincushion thing--

  4. it's looking great from this little pic! it will no doubt be even more beautiful when you have it all quilted! so pretty!

  5. Looks so good - love all the colors!

  6. e' fantastico!!!
    I love your colors, I love your fabrics, I love all your works!
    Grazia :)

  7. hermoso!
    it is really beautiful!!!
    full of color and full of LOVE!!


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