Love and coffee

It's a long time I 'm thinking of this love-live quilt made by Tonya for Lynne .

And today I used my scraps to make a sampler LOVE block.
This are the first two letters...

...and this will become the V...

I have to say that the ended block is a bit less wonky as I have desired
but it will be a good lesson for the next blocks...

About coffee I learned that the American brands cant ship coffee to Italy...it's a trade agreement or something similar.
I'm waiting for the coffee that Chris shipped to me from New England but in this time I found a U.K. brand with many yummy flavoured coffee... if someone is interested in the web address is:


I have replenished my stock!

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  1. Hope the coffee I sent arrives there soon. I had no problem mailing it. My Post Office assured me it was no problem to mail coffee to Italy. Great LOVE block!

  2. i think i love everything you make! that love block is too cool -just one would make a neat wallhanging --i'll have to add it to my to-do list ....

  3. what a beautiful block!!! love the solid colors and the wonky letters!! very great way to use scraps!

  4. the "love" quilt is so pretty. i see why you wanted make a sampler block... will you be making a whole quilt?

  5. You have a great sense of color. I will enjoy seeing this quilt take shape!

  6. This is so tempting! I have been admiring Tonya's quilt too...
    ; )

  7. I saw this picture and I thought... that looks like the quilt -I- have! Too funny! You are doing a terrific job! I visited Quilted Threads today, and thought of you!


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